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Purity matters…which is why Ideal Health and the medical team at IVEE have thoughtfully formulated each and every one of our treatments.

Sourced with only the highest quality ingredients, our treatments include vitamin and mineral dosages that deliver tangible results.

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What is the difference between IV Treatment and Oral Vitamins?

The bloodstream absorbs only a small percentage of vitamins taken orally. IV treatment delivers nearly 100% of each vitamin to the bloodstream, making its effects both immediate and powerful.

What’s in The IV Treatments?

Each of the IVEE treatments contains an LR or Saline Based solution and is infused with vitamins such as Vitamin A,B,C,B1,B6,B12, Magnesium, and much more. Ingredients vary per treatment.

Why should I get an IV Treatment?

Wellness and Hangover- Curing IV treatments are effective methods to quickly combat dehydration symptoms with effects felt within just 30-60 minutes. IV Treatment replenishes fluids, flushes out toxins and restores vitamin deficiencies to healthy levels.

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