Our protocol provides enough carbohydrates for the brain and other glucose dependant tissues. The “fuzzy thinking” (brain fog) is mostly likely due to low sodium levels resulting in low BP. One-half to one third of a teaspoonful of sea salt, dissolved in 5 oz. water quickly rectifies this. The only time a person would really get hypoglycemic is if they cheat, thus “spiking their insulin” which causes reactive hypoglycemia, OR they are on hypoglycemic agents (or insulin) and have to have their doses cut back or discontinued. A quick way to differentiate this is to have the patient lie down with his / her feet elevated. If they feel better doing this, it’s usually the sodium / low BP causing the problem, if they don’t feel better, then it’s possibly low blood sugar and they may also show other signs of hypoglycemia which include a ‘tingling’ or numbness in the fingertips or lips, a rapid heart rate, hunger, nervousness and sweating).